Pronounced "Mister Johnson"
If you're nice, you can call me Trevor.

I am a transporter, hacker, motorcyclist, photographer, problem solver, fix of things, helper of people, explorer of networks, student of software and hardware, truth teller, hard questioner, listener of answers, and try to be curiously learning at all times. Somewhat for hire.

These should not be controversial opinions:


Blockchain will not solve it.
Bitcoin will not make you rich.
ICO's are not a smart way to raise investment money.
Those guys are not as smart as they think they are.

Internet of shit

If it never needed to be connected to the internet before, don't do it now.
If it makes things hot or cold, locks or unlocks, definitely do not put online.


Yes you need it.
Yes your Mac can get malware.
Yes Defender is pretty good, you still need anti-virus.
No, you will not outsmart the malware.

Where should we go?

Down the rabbit hole, behind the curtain, though the looking glass, across networks, down the back alley and on highways though space and time, riding on the back of the electron we seek the fundamental truths that bind the universe together and keep the trains running on time? Come along, I'll show you the way.

Information Security

I am studying information security in my free time and as I learn useful things, I intend to share them here.

I don't have alot of content yet, however I do have a place you can start with some helpful links.

If you work in the information security community I would love your input on content you find useful in helping the users you support.

We live in times where the most absurd things seem to be coming true and corporations are selling your attention in micro-slices while tracking and monetizing your every move. Abusive spouses are using spyware to control their victims and Congress takes away safe harbor for sex workers online. Nation state actors are infiltrating our social media and seeding discord.

Knowing and understanding what threats you face and how to protect yourself is the first step.
Hopefully I can help spread the good word and assist in the fight against bad actors online.

Computer Technician

A lifelong researcher, tinkerer and technician, I love building and fixing computers, networks and radios.

Editing the code or working in the command line is often easier and more fun than a GUI.
As a teenager in the early days of the internet, I would explore university networks, hack the bus ticket system, and listened to everyone and everything on my radio scanners.

These days I use my always growing knowledge of information security, software engineering, network administration and hardware to help others protect their privacy and communicate securely.

Professional Driver

Driving professionally since 2002 I've been the ninja night cabbie, anonymous transporter, executive driver, emergency courier and love to tell myself that I am a master of the roads.

I truly love driving cars and riding motorcycles on all the backroads of California; and my city driving skills are pretty well unmatched. When you need a Transporter, I am the guy you think of.

Commercial Real Estate

Working in analysis, development and sales of commercial real estate since 2002, supporting and brokering over $500m in transactions, I realized I hate the people in the industry and want nothing to do with them.

However, I did pick up useful skills in this industry; document fraud detection, scam transaction fraud detection (and reporting), finding hidden GIS resources, super OSINT locating property owners and SE skills getting all the brokers to agree to the same thing.

Right now you are needed.

You may not realize it right now, but things are pretty bad for a lot of people. All around you the system is failing or crushing someone. Right now you are needed to stand up for injustice when you see it, speak up for those with no voice, and stand in support of the victimized.
You are needed now more than ever.

I have a story for you...

Get in.

Request transport:

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