Trevor Michael Johnson

-Resume/CV - Fall 2019-

San Francisco, CA | 415-300-0810 | [email protected]

About Me:

System Administrator / Endpoint Security Engineer

Throughout my long and varied career, I have designed, built and administered small business networks, POS systems, websites, networked file systems and supported multiple remote users. In every position that I have held, I was the go-to technician for all of the IT needs in house, and involved in all aspects of IT Management.

I am also an information security researcher that loves solving problems with technology and spending my free time learning as much as I can about new technologies and ideas. Building, breaking and fixing computer systems to solve problems and continuously learn is what I do for work, and for fun.

I'm seeking opportunities in an information technology related position such as: Staff Technologist, Executive IT Support, Desktop Security Engineer, or Systems Administrator. These positions best utilize my knowledge, skills and talents while furthering long term career goals in the areas of expertise I'm most passionate about.


- Privacy / Security Advocate and Pen-test hobbyist
- Electronic/ mechanical trouble shooting and repair
- Open Source Intelligence Research (advanced)
- Hardware / Software Endpoint Provisioning (advanced)
- Network Engineering/design (intermediate/advanced)
- Component Installation (advanced)
- Drive integrity testing / data recovery (hobbyist)
- Circuitry troubleshooting and repair (intermediate)
- Network monitoring (advanced)
- Digital forensics and incident response (intermediate)
- Self direction and initiative to solve problems before they happen.
- Reads documentation and follows it
- Public Speaking

Experienced With:

- All aspects of building computers from component modules, peripherals, and software installation
- Network installation, administration configuration and troubleshooting
- Active Directory
- Group Policy
- OS software maintenance and troubleshooting (Linux, Mac OS, Windows)
- Identity and Access Management
- Multi-User system administration
- Incident Response
- Inventory protocols, hard goods, equipment and consumables.
- Business management and administration
- Regulatory compliance
- Fraud detection
- Phishing detection
- Malware remediation
- Hacked/Phished account remediation
- Point Of Sale system design and administration
- Website design and administration
- DNS record management
- Firewall and Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
- GitHub, AWS, Azure, Cloudflare, Wordpress, Ruckus, SonicWall, PfSense, Ubquiti, Meraki, etc....
- Activism, Lobbying and Public Policy


- VMWare, HyperV
- Bash, Powershell
- Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Cloud 9 IDE
- Wireshark, Kismet, NMAP, Masscan, Shodan, Responder
- All OS' virtual and bare metal (Linux, Mac OS, Windows, etc)
- Open VAS, Nessus
- Python, Bash, Powershell
- Raspberry Pi's (x3)
- WiFi Pineapple, Packet Squirrel, and various others
- SDR and analog radios (UHF/VHF)
- Google Dorking
- Github, SourceForge, Gitlab
- AWS, GCE, and Azure accounts
- Keybase, GPG/PGP
- SysInternals (Win)

Work History:

March 2019– August 2019: Huneeus Vintners, Napa, CA

Information Security Contractor / Desktop Security Engineer
Contracted to assess cybersecurity stance, assist with point of sale system deployment, new retail site technology set-up and provide recommendations for security action and remediation. Successfully worked with all levels of the organization, from retail employees to the CEO.

Active Directory Domain Admin
Office 365 Admin
Azure Admin
Desktop/endpoint security engineering and support for all users.
Network security, maintenance and administration.
Incident Response/Remediation
SonicWall Admin

- anti-phish/malware Exchange transport rules
- domain wide group policies for threat surface reduction
- stronger password complexity requirements
- Azure AD Connect for 2FA and MDM
- multiple user policies and training
- documented multiple processes for user support
- scripted employee departure and compromised account actions for AD/MSOL
- report of recommendations
- created new laptop image and rolled out new-laptop onboarding process

September 2016– February 2019: Huneeus Vintners, Napa, CA

Executive Transport Security Contractor
IT Consulting (tech support, home network administration and design)
Executive Transport
Executive Security
Transportation Logistics

May 2003–Present: EC Development, San Francisco, CA

Owner-Systems Administrator
IT System Administration Consulting (tech support, network administration, system design)
Information Security Research
Executive Transport
Transportation Logistics and Policy Planning
Real Estate Investment Consulting

This is my personal consultancy. I have been doing contract work for companies, individuals and non-profit organizations since 2003, and most of my work experience listed here has been that contracted work.

October 2009- January 2017 Rexsi Inc., San Francisco, CA

Vice President/Commercial Real Estate Division and Co-Founder (Boutique Real Estate Brokerage)
Execution of Commercial Real Estate transactions (commercial leasing, investment property sales)
Client representation, contract preparation, analysis and negotiation
Property due diligence and research

October 2015- August 2016 Piggyback Transit Technologies, San Francisco, CA

Director of Product Development
Administered Beta-Test Program
Directed development of iOS and Android apps for taxi drivers
Software testing
UX/UI development

July 2015- August 2016 Flywheel Taxi, San Francisco, CA

Independent Contractor: Driver / Software Tester
Operated Taxi permits according to SF Taxi Rules and Regulations.
Tested New “Soft-Meters” for approval with CA Weights and Measures
Certified Driver of Chrysler Test Vehicle Program

February 2013- November 2014 San Francisco Cab Drivers Association, San Francisco, CA

Volunteer/ Technical Director
Directed website development, launch and maintenance
Worker organization and outreach campaign planning
Public speaking
CPUC (regulatory) filing preparation (writing and research)
Directed technical transition to San Francisco Taxi Workers Alliance (AFLCIO) including new website design and launch

September 2012- February 2015 Baycrest Cleaners, San Francisco, CA

New POS selection, installation and programming
iPhone app integration into POS
IT system design and administration for PCI compliance

October 2009- July 2015 Luxor Cab, San Francisco, CA

Independent Contractor: Driver / Dispatch Technician
IT support for drivers with in-car computer and network equipment
IT support for dispatch computer/servers and software
Dispatch radio/computer/phone operation and troubleshooting
Customer complaint resolution
Operated Taxi permits according to SF Taxi Rules and Regulations.

October 2007- October 2009 National/Veterans Cab, San Francisco, CA

Independent Contractor: Driver / Dispatch Technician IT support for drivers with in-car computer and network equipment
IT support for dispatch computer/servers and software
Operated Taxi permits according to SF Taxi Rules and Regulations.
Dispatched drivers/vehicles/calls where and when needed

Fall 2005- Spring 2006 HEAT Supper Club, San Diego, CA

VIP Host/ Assistant GM/ Director of Sales and Marketing
IT: POS system and network design, programming and installation
Sound system design, installation and maintenance
Assisted in final stages of construction including permitting, licensing, and inspection compliance.

October 2003- July 2004 “484” Underground, San Francisco, CA

Operations/ General Manager/ Owner
Security infrastructure
Network Admin
Event management

June 1999- June 2001 Broken Drum Brewery San Rafael, CA

General Manager
Design, management, configuration, programming and installation of new POS system (Aloha)
IT support for all network and IT equipment
Saw technical upgrade project was within budget and coordinated with expansion construction.

May-November 1998 Linex Communications ISP, San Rafael, CA

Technical Support/Customer Service
Tech support for ISP customers and ISP owned internet café
This is where I learned how to work in bash and learned TCP/IP
Worked on “neXt” system BSD Unix terminal workstations
Internet café user management and network support tasks

Cranium Contents:

Interests and Studies:

Information Security, Digital Privacy, Information Technologies, Hacking, Defcon, BSides, Threat Intelligence, Open Source Software, Cloud Architecture, Human Systems, Human Rights, Geography/Mapping, Transportation Policy and Planning, Operating Systems, Penetration Testing, Astronomy/Cosmology, Aviation and Motorcycling.


1998-2000 College of Marin
Electronic Music Production, Biological Psychology, General Education
2003-2004 Chamberlain Real Estate School
Principles of Real Estate (Graduated+Continuing Ed.)


2005-2019(exp 10/19) Licensed California Real Estate Salesperson
2007-August 2016(expired) Licensed San Francisco Passenger Vehicle Driver P44-063308
California Driver License (CM1) / Current 3yr and 10yr records available.
CompTIA Security+ (in progress)

San Francisco, CA | 415-300-0810 | [email protected] |