Secure all your things...

These are my suggestions to start securing your life.

Simply put, keeping your software up to date, having good malware protection, password hygiene, and avoiding IOT garbage will protect you from most opportunistic attacks, but it won't keep a determined or well funded attacker out.
How important are you really as a target? Could you be used as a stepping stone to someone of higher target value to a criminal?
Know your threats.
If a government doesn't want to hack you personally, you should be more worried about being sold to advertisers.

Privacy Badger
Privacy Badger Chrome Extension

Ad Blocker - Ublock Origin
Ublock Origin Chrome Extension

Extra points ad-blocker - Ublock Origin Extra
Ublock Extra Chrome Extension

HTTPS Everywhere - prevent clickjacking
Chrome Extension

Have I Been Pwned - Breach database
Check Your Email

Use better passwords and keep track of them - 1Password
Get Better Passwords Now

Use Two Factor Auth
2fA enabled sites

Hardware 2nd factor key.
Lock it up.

TOTP 2nd Factor codes on your phone with Authy

Get encryption keys and secure identity management
Get Keys Now

Best Anti Malware
Get Protected Now

Cutting edge MacOs Security Tools -Objective See
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Using everything here and making sure your software is always up to date will stop the majority of the oppotunistic attacks you should be worried about.
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Think before you click.

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